Cupcake Placeholders

Use them for [welcomemsg, leavemsg, say, customreactions] and other commands with placeholders available.
Placeholders example: ,setwelcomemsg Welcome %user.fullname%
When you will join this server the bot will show your username
Another example: ,say hi %user.fullname%
Bot will say Hi to you!


Username#discriminator of current user

User mention of current user

Username of current user

Discriminator of current user

User`s avatar url of current user

User ID of current user

Account creation time of current user

Account creation date of current user

Account join time of current user

Account join date of current user


Server ID of current server

Server name of current server

Member count of current server

Server time of current server (it should be EEST time)


Bot`s status (Online, Idle, DoNotDisturb, Invisible)

Bot latency

Bot username

Bot mention

Bot username#discriminator

Bot time

Bot`s discriminator

Bot`s user ID

Bot`s avatar url


Channel mention of current chnannel

Channel name of current channel

Channel ID of current channel

Channel creation date of current channel

Returns either True or False, depending on if current channel is designated as NSFW using discord

Channel topic of current channel


Server count bot has joined (from current shard)

Combined user count on servers the bot has joined (from current shard)

Server count on current shard

Combined user count on current shard

Shard Id of current Shard

Returns a random number between X and Y

Returns anything the user has written after the trigger (only works on custom reactions)

Returns an search for "stuff" (only works on custom reactions)